At Arome des Andes we believe in the positive transformation of society through fair trade which we have made our flagship and the people behind the coffee bean our inspiration and reason for being. We believe that giving value to each actor and stage of the coffee process as key elements for building a business model that stands out in an equitable and sustainable society. It is time to turn our eyes to the coffee growers and the countryside, to the tasters and roasters who provide a special value to the cycle of the coffee process and to the responsible and conscious customer who values good coffee. It is time to give meaning to every single person involved in the entire coffee production chain.

Arome des Andes provides value to a short marketing chain by linking Colombian artisan coffee growers with high-quality coffee-consuming companies and markets throughout Canada, the United States, and elsewhere in the world. Our goal is to always obtain the best possible sale price and thereby offer to the coffee grower the greatest possible economic benefit. It is important for us to support and protect the interests of these people, the strengthening of their companies, the development of their communities, and without a doubt, the quality of their coffee.


In product quality, in service, in the priority treatment to our suppliers.


Our transparency is evidenced in the traceability of the product.


We mainly look after the interests of coffee-growers who are the most important actors, but sadly the least favored of the entire production chain.


Our coffee comes from Colombia, a coffee-growing country where the Andes Mountains are found. After crossing all South America, they are divided into three mountain ranges that provide the entire region with incredible landscapes, multiple climates, exuberant biodiversity, unsurpassed water wealth, and fertile and productive lands all year round. It is in this natural paradise where our allied coffee-growing families; heirs to traditional knowledge, cultivate some of the most special coffees in the world with love, expertise, and mystique.


We offer the best specialty coffees in Colombia through a varied portfolio of green coffee products. It has been almost 10 years of work committed to the generation of shared values ​​for our coffee growers and customers through fair and sustainable marketing that guarantees quality from coffee plantations to our consumers’ cups around the world.


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    Phone: 518 907 4550
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    E-mail: info@aromedesandes.ca
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    175A Rang du Bas-se-la-Rivière S Saint-Césaire QC J0L 1T0 Quebéc – Canadá
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